At what age should treatment be done?

It is recommended that an orthodontic screening be done for children by the age of seven.

As soon as it is noticed by the parents or the family dentist that something seems wrong with the way the face is developing or how the teeth are growing in, it is advisable to see an orthodontist.

Early treatment, also known as interceptive treatment, is usually done around the age of seven or eight. There are occasions, however, when earlier treatment is warranted so if something seems wrong with development please see an orthodontist right away.

When early or interceptive treatment is done there is a significant probability that a second phase of treatment will be required during adolescence once all the adult teeth have grown into the mouth. Early treatment is generally intended to intercept a problem in development and get the growth of the jaws and the eruption of the adult teeth on more of a normal path.

Most orthodontic treatment is done during adolescence once the adult teeth have grown into the mouth. This is the typical orthodontic treatment that most people experience. In the past, braces were the most common method of orthodontic treatment for this group and now the option of Invisalign or similar clear aligner treatment is often an option.

Adult treatment has become an increasing portion of orthodontic treatment. Fully 25% of orthodontic patients are over the age of 21 years. Some adults have experienced relapse from earlier treatment during adolescence and some adults simply did not have the opportunity for orthodontic treatment when they were young.

There is no age limit for having orthodontic treatment. Although treatment might take a bit longer in older patients there are many patients even in their nineties that have had successful orthodontic treatment.